Opening of the Restaurant

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Opening of the Restaurant

Riad Hala Fes restaurant is moderated by an experienced Chefs and competent assistant’s chef. It represents the majestic beauty of the Moroccan cuisine. Our restaurant proposes diverse meals. The majority are Moroccan meals with modern touches. You will taste impeccable Moroccan meals made by the hands of qualified Chefs.

The opening of the restaurant composed of different food categories. “Tagine” is the most prominent one with meat and multiple vegetables. The meals will include Couscous, Bastilla, fish, and more. Drinks (Coffee, Jus, Tea, …), plus fresh bread and pastries will also be served. In addition, multiple Moroccan salads ( Zaalouk, carrots salade, olives, pepper salad, etc). Not to mention, creative dishes are being served from time to time. Your stay at the Riad will made you taste delicious traditional & creative meals.

Our restaurant will open its doors from the morning until late hour night. You can order your favorite meals to be served either in your room or inside the restaurant. Riad Hala Fes opening of the restaurant offers multiple food categories to choose from.


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